The Benefice of Bentley, Binsted & Froyle
The Benefice of Bentley, Binsted & Froyle

Binsted PCC Members

Yann Dubreuil (Vicar)

07777 684533 –


Nick Carter (Churchwarden)

01420 472862 –


Jean Stephens (Churchwarden)

01420 474906 –


Gerald Taylor (Treasurer)

01420 525357 –


Christopher Ogilvie Thompson (Deanery Synod rep)

01420 526355 –


Kay Hunter Johnson (Deanery Synod rep)

01420 544743 –


Angela Dunne (PCC Secretary)


Pam Smith

01420 22198 –


Kathleen Digby



If you are a Church member on the Binsted Church Electoral Roll and would like a copy of the PCC minutes please contact the PCC Secretary.  Until a new Secretary is recruited, please contact one of the Churchwardens.

Get in touch:

For further information please contact:

Hannah Dubreuil at 

or Lora Bowden at

Phone: 01420 23339

Contact the Church Office here

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